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We make same-day delivery a snap and we set up, too!

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Worldwide delivery means you can celebrate anywhere from South Texas to South Korea.

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Our flower arrangements are some of the freshest and most artfully designed arrangements that you’ll ever see.

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Design your dream wedding with packages starting at $299.


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    What kind of wedding flower arrangements do you offer?

    Wildflower Florist designs custom bouquets for any budget, including special wedding packages for price-conscious brides. We offer flowers for both the reception and ceremony, as well as bouquets, corsages and boutonnieres for the bridal party and special family members.

    We are passionate about transforming your wedding vision into a reality. We will listen to your ideas and consult with you about options that fit into your budget and match your personal style. We have a portfolio of prior work that we are always happy to share with you, for inspiration and brainstorming.

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    What can I expect when ordering flowers for my wedding?

    Wildflower is a full-service florist. This means we’re going to consult with you, learn about your wedding plans to ensure that we design flowers perfect for your big day.

    After you’ve finalized your decisions, we spring into action. Our professionals will make sure your wedding flowers are fresh, artfully designed to your specifications, and delivered on time. We handle set-up as well, to ensure that your day is enjoyable, beautiful and stress-free. As full-service professional florists, is our pleasure and an honor to be part of your wedding day.

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    How much can I expect to pay for my wedding floral arrangement?

    Wedding prices can vary, and much depends on the number and types of flowers that you’ll need. Our wedding packages start from $299 and range up to $1599. Many other packages and prices are listed on our website to help you budget for a beautiful wedding. Our packages are designed for couples who don’t want any surprises. They’re also designed to meet most common wedding needs.

    We also offer custom packages. We’ll provide you with a quote if you want something different. Our floral consultant will discuss these details with you during your appointment.

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  • Wildflower Florist

    It was so much fun choosing my flowers with Wildflower Florist.
    They really had a ton of ideas, and together we came up with something so much better than I could have come up with on my own.

    I honestly just sort of came in with a bunch of magazine clippings. I don’t know a lot about flowers. My consultant sat down with me and walked me through all of my options. She educated me, she reassured me. And they really did get everything done just as they said they would, with setup, delivery and absolutely stunning flowers. I’d recommend this florist to anyone.

    Deanna T.
    Wildflower Florist
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  • Wildflower Florist

    The packages are perfect.
    You can really tell this is an experienced wedding florist.

    I hate surprises. During my wedding I had even less tolerance for them than I normally do. I really appreciated how Wildflower Florist published all of their prices right online for me. I also appreciated that I got really these very high quality arrangements with a minimum of fuss.

    Beverly C.
    Wildflower Florist
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Wildflower Florist
5115 Louetta Rd, Spring, TX 77379
Hours Of Operation: 8:30AM to 6PM

What should I keep in mind as I order wedding floral arrangements?

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  • October 28, 2016
    Published by Wildflower Florist

    We love helping brides choose wedding flowers!

    Believe it or not, few brides call with specific requests for flowers. They generally aren’t sure what’s available or even what they’ll need. Couples look to us to be the experts, and we’re happy to oblige.

    We walk couples through the flowers that will be in season on their wedding date. Then we talk about what flowers might look good with the color scheme, wedding dress, and more. When you contact us, you can draw from our expertise to get an amazing visual outcome for your wedding.

  • August 23, 2016
    Published by Wildflower Florist

    First, you’ll want to book our services early and visit us at least three months prior to your ceremony!

    It helps if you’ve chosen your wedding colors and your bridesmaid’s dresses before you select flowers. That will allow us to suggest arrangements and colors that will “pop!” We will also ask about your venue so we can help to blend the flowers into the overall wedding experience.

    The Knot has provided many tips which you might find useful as well.